I love chrae..
Some people are really mad at Chris and canceling their Pre-orders cause they didn't win. Whatever though. The album will do what it's destined to do with or without their ugly fat asses supporting.

Why they mad? I’m so lost..

She is the realist gf/wife/baby mama everything she probably listening to it now and she still pre order she a boss bitch

Yup, she’s def the realest.

DEAD at this bitch that don't like Kae asking her to tell Chris to pick her. Bitches so fake bruh. Lmao


But when Chris put "My only wcw" I just remembered that. So cute.


Do u by any chance know Chris and Kae's anniversary?

November, that’s all we’re all sure of.

anon, the "fans" that hate on him constantly aren't Team Breezy. They are Team Sleazy

lmaoooooo, 🌽nee!

Someone told Kae on twitter "you already get the dick you want the prize package too?" Lmao 😭

😂 what’s the twitter name?😭

Am i the only one whose noticed that since Chris got Kae back, he doesnt deleted damn near as much things as when they werent together lmao


I really don't wanna hear nothing else from TB saying "He's not focused on the music". He's doing this contest for them. He's liking and retweeting their raggedy asses (all of them aren't raggedy, just the ones that hate on him constantly). He released a new single and gave us a New Flame video and all he tweets about is his album. Funny how they only say he's not focused when he posts something of Kae.

Crazy. Agreed.

there's a LOT of people fake ass supporting Chris taking other people's pictures and claiming them as their own. I'm glad people started to water mark their pictures. be a true supporter he won't get mad if you can't afford it and anyway... iTunes and amazon don't charge you until the album is released. so you can preorder and not pay until the 16th. I had to tell 3 people to stop using my picture I lowkey had a tag on mine.

Exactlyyyyy, he said if you didn’t have it don’t trip. They need to stop being lame.

Yes girl! Guess he was working hard to get them charms cuz them things ain't cheap lol

They’re not, one by one….

I think Jake's Twitter avi pic is cute.

Is it? I think I unfollowed him.



So last week was my bday but my bf was just really busy and distracted and forgot. I was pretty pissed and stopped talking to him for a while but he just stopped by with a small box, in it a red velvet cupcake and he also got me a pandora charm bracelet. I feel kinda bad now lol

aw, that’s sweet … ❤️ did he get charms? tell him get me some..

I don't even use itunes, but I'm pretty sure her shit should say either "Pre-ordered", "Purchased", Downloading or PLAY beside it. Why would she even try it?