Love Chrae..
nvm on the underaged shit I just read about it being the victims gf. ya.. this wasn't a set up. šŸ˜’

Iā€™m confused now, let’s just pray for him.. a lot is happening today.

what girls? WTF is that anon talking about

the DC case.

I'm wondering if the two girls that were taking pictures weren't underaged and their parents don't want them involved or were their ages said?

That could be it. I don’t think they ever mentioned their ages.

The girls in the DC pic is the victims girlfriend.

šŸ˜’ bullshit.

Some of these people are so simple


Kae is not leaving LA simpletons. Her man and her family AND work is out there. Use your common sense.

Lol, simpletons.. taking that!

Anon, Kae & Erin have been leaving together since May last year.


As fans y'all should know by know Kae is born and raised in LA. Her whole family that she grew up with is located there ain't no way Kae is leaving and moving to NYC. She may love NY but LA is where her whole life is at.


If they were moving to NYC, why would they have their stuff in garbage bags. It would be in suitcases.

they’re not moving to nyc, and whoever that is knows that.

I don't think so. But there's another one of those "relationship" twitter pages that does the most too. I wasn't following it, but it mentioned me and I was like oh shit šŸ˜’

are you talking about the mimitran person?

Hold on, Erin and Karrueche lived together?


Explain why they moving out then. Erin is relocating there therefore Rue is.

lol, bye..

So there's this one person on twitter that does THE MOST. Like they try so hard to fit in šŸŒš and I just be like šŸŒššŸŒššŸŒš you fat and lonely lmao

ooo, who?! lmao.. do i follow them?

Karrueche is moving to NYC omg :(

No, she’s not… goofy